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Springfield Armory Announces XD-M Elite Lineup of Pistols

Yesterday, Springfield Armory announced their new lineup of performance handguns the XD-M Elite Series. Springfield looked to designed a premium factory pistol with all the aftermarket parts a shooter would want. A shooter who was looking for better performance and ergonomics, improved accuracy, better trigger pull and reset, with increased reliability over a factory pistol.

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The Iconic Colt Python Returns

The final Colt Python rolled out of Colt’s Custom Gun Shop back in 2005 with the end of limited production. Six years before that Colt ceased the official production of the Colt Python. The Python was premier revolver in Colt’s lineup with a reputation of superior quality and craftsmanship. Now, after 15 years the iconic Colt Python returns.

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Sig Sauer To Sale Military Surplus M17 Pistols

Last week, Sig Sauer announced the sale of Surplus M17 pistols to the civilian market. Really? Already? Some of you might be asking. There is a reason why Sig Sauer has a surplus of the military’s new M17 pistol. The U.S. Army has decided to transition away from the original coyote tan controls to pistols with black finished controls.

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Sig Sauer Introduces The P320-M18: The Civilian Version Of The M18 Service Pistol

Back in 2018 Sig Sauer released the civilian version of the M17, the new modular U.S. service pistol. Sig Sauer won the Modular Handgun System by beating out Glock for the contract. Now, flash forward to late 2019 and Sig Sauer is introducing the P320-M18, the civilian version of compact. The M18 was chosen by the Marine Corps to replace Beretta M9 service pistol.