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Category: Rifles

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Henry Releases Two New Side Gate Lever Actions

In the spring of this year Henry launched their new lineup of side-gate loading lever actions. The initial offering of lever actions are chambered in .30-30 Win, .38-55 Win, and .35 Rem. Henry has added to more side gate lever actions. First one is chambered in the classic .45-70 and the second is chambered in .410 shotshell.

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IWI Releases New ARAD Rifle

Recently, IWI official announced the introduction of their AR platform rifle, the ARAD. IWI describes the ARAD as highly reliable and modular battle rifle. The ARAD was designed for infantry use, special forces, and law enforcement officers. The goal of the ARAD was to build a modular battle rifle for dynamic combat scenarios with the capability to change calibers if need be.